Dec 27, 2019 · People with OCD often get wrapped up in three potential issues; the trigger, the feared story, and the feeling.

It often starts in the teens or early adulthood.

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To overcome OCD, you need a clear understanding of how OCD works.


Acknowledge what your OCD is trying to do. Aug 7, 2021 · 4) Therefore, therapy that helps you recognize that your thoughts are not the same as actions and that questions about a relationship are normal, not hurtful in and of themselves, can help you. I keep asking others for reassurance, and even though they reassure me that I'm overthinking it I can't get these interactions out of my head.

For years I have suffered from Pure O Ocd as well as having several physical compulsions.

. Williams. And everybody has those bad thoughts.

Always expect the unexpected. Williams.

Keep OCD guessing.

Notice the Voice of the Dictator Within.

How can I slow down and/or stop my busy mind to sleep. Don't try to make yourself stop worrying, focus on not doing any actions to seek reassurance about your particular worry.

This is a weird point, as OCD sufferers' lives revolve around the idea that thoughts are very important. .

Rituals or compulsions are actions that help stop or ease the obsessive thoughts.

Please help me I’ve tried using coping methods such as using my senses and breathing but nothing works and it’s making me upset and I can’t enjoy anything.


level 1. . sleep issues, including fatigue and insomnia.

This is ERP to my knowledge, for example if I am afraid to touch a pan because it MAY have the germs to kill me, I will still touch the pan any time I need to. How can I slow down and/or stop my busy mind to sleep. Apply your solutions earnestly and move onto other problems. Vote. But that's only because their brain is dysfunctional, and gives way too much power to thoughts that should not matter at all.

As in intense up my buccal muscles for my check bones and stretch my jaw from side to side.

Instead of fighting intrusive thoughts, it’s better to learn to live with them. 0 comments.

I know this isn’t ocd but it was a biproduct of my ocd if that means anything.