The class got quiet after I told the boy off. Jul 7, 2020 · pairing: todoroki x bilingual! reader.

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"Oh my gosh, Todoroki-kun, I'm so sorry, I-I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, I should've asked before using my quirk on you, I-" you hid your face in your hands, squeezing your eyes shut behind them.

. ((I hope that y. He would walk by on his way home from school.

You longed to feel a connection with him again in any way, shape, or form.

Ashamed,. . You stared in front of you.

He would walk by on his way home from school. 414 pages July 11, 2018 Kikyo851.

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(Shouto x Reader) An encounter in your childhood with him spurred your desire to become a hero.
Her figure showed curves, as if sculpted by an artist in love.


He would walk by on his way home from school.

” you said frantically, clearing up all the used tissues and trying to wipe your tears from your face. Quiet Boy (Todoroki X Reader) 3 pages October 25, 2019 HobiSun. .

He would walk by on his way home from school. 1M 48. How he will help her ( something like that). . The Todoroki's and the {L/N}'s have always been close, both living in the limelight.

You loved to cook and bake everyday and Taishiro loved to eat, especially if you made it.

"Now, be quiet and let us have our fun. While there she meets a hot and cold quiet boy who catches her eye.

Everyone needs time to themselves, Shōto knows that and he respects the lull in your texts, the absence of your afternoon phone calls.

1M 48.


"I want everyone to know.

Don’t hit the black woman”] I just never knew what the song was about when I was you her I just knew it slapped.